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Avra Hospice: Your Source for Compassionate Care

At Avra Hospice, we recognize that facing a terminal illness brings unique challenges for both the patient and those who love them. Our mission is to provide comfort, support, and the highest quality care during this difficult journey. We offer a comprehensive range of hospice services, all focused on enhancing your quality of life:

MEDICAL CARE MANAGEMENT: Your care starts with a personalized plan developed by our hospice physician in collaboration with your existing doctors. We regularly assess your needs and adjust your plan accordingly, ensuring your comfort is our priority.

CASE MANAGEMENT: Your case manager is your dedicated advocate, coordinating all aspects of your care and ensuring every need is seamlessly addressed.

PAIN AND SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT: We prioritize managing pain, shortness of breath, and other symptoms with medication, therapies, and personalized comfort techniques. Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible.

NURSING SERVICES: Skilled hospice nurses bring expert care into your home, providing medication, wound care, and compassionate support for both you and your caregivers.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: We'll provide essential equipment like hospital beds, wheelchairs, and oxygen, along with necessary medical supplies, delivered to your door.

PHARMACY SERVICES: Our hospice pharmacists ensure you receive the right medications, manage any changes, and provide convenient and reliable delivery.

SOCIAL WORKER SERVICES: Social workers offer emotional support to you and your family, connect you with community resources, and provide practical guidance through challenges.

CONTINUOUS CARE: When urgent needs or symptom changes arise, our hospice nurses are available 24/7 for in-person or phone support.

RESPITE CARE: We offer short-term care in a facility, providing caregivers with well-deserved rest and time to care for themselves.

SUPPORT COUNSELING: Our counselors help you and your loved ones process emotions, manage grief, cope with transitions, and find meaning during this time.

EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL COUNSELING: Chaplains or spiritual counselors offer personalized guidance, respecting your beliefs, as you navigate life-reflection, end-of-life concerns, and spiritual comfort.